The push for meals taxes in CT and VA

Connecticut Meal Tax Study

Taking a Bite Out of Jobs: The Economic Effects of a Sales Tax
Increase on Restaurant Meals - A Report by BHI and the Yankee Institute of CT

The Economic Effects of a Meals Tax on Virginia Localities: Full Report

BHI offers Massachusetts State Tax Revenue Estimate for FY18 and FY19 at State House hearing. Report

BHI Director of Research Paul Bachman testifies before Joint Revenue Committee on December 6, 2017

BHI Director of Research Paul Bachman testifies before Joint Revenue Committee on December 6, 2017

New Study: Dodging a Bullet to the Ohio Economy

Cape Wind folds its wind power proposal. The BHI research on the economics of a failed project


Private Activity Bonds for Buildings Would Create Jobs, Fast Track Construction, and Save Taxpayers Money

Press Release




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New Massachusetts, North Dakota, Utah top BHI's 16th Annual State Competitiveness Ranking


Response to the Natural Resources Defense Council's critique of BHI's study of EPA Clean Power Program

Laurie Johnson, an economist at the Natural Resources Defense Council, recently posted a blog entry that sharply criticizes recent BHI studies of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. It is important, in reading this blog, to understand that Dr. Johnson’s job is to defend tooth-and-nail an organization whose purpose is to promote what it deems to be environmental protection at any cost to economic activity at home and abroad. Read the complete BHI response.

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Beacon Hill Institute in the Boston Business Journal: Why Amazon should 'one-click' Massachusetts for its second HQ

As Voters Defeat Drug Price Caps: Dodging a Bullet to the Ohio Economy

At Social Impact Bonds, a primer

Study:Construction Management Methods in Massachusetts: Comparing Construction Management at Risk and Design Bid Build 

Federal Budget:
BHI on the merits of dynamic scoring


What critics of the STAMP model get wrong

What is STAMP? A Primer

A Response to the Union of Concerned Scientists Critique of BHI’s Renewable Portfolio Studies

Why the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy's Critique of STAMP is dead wrong





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