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BHI Focus on the Political Conventions of 2004

The Impact of the Republican National Convention on the New York City Economy

BOSTON - The Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University has undertaken to provide an independent estimate of the economic benefits of the convention. We find that the convention will provide a positive economic benefit of $163 million, $97 million dollars less than the $260 million figure quoted by Mayor Bloomberg. MORE

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Little bounce: BHI finds $14.8 million in net economic benefits of DNC

BOSTON - A post-convention analysis by the Beacon Hill Institute at Suffolk University finds that the Democratic National Convention netted $14.8 million in economic benefits to the City of Boston. This is the "value added" to the economy, obtained by estimating net new spending and adjusting for multiplier effects.

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Suffolk University Poll: Despite the cost, residents would recommend hosting political conventions to other cities

A poll conducted by the Suffolk University Political Research Center (SUPRC) finds that a majority of Massachusetts residents believe that the national political conventions are a costly, but, nevertheless, worthwhile part of the democratic process. That's the conclusion drawn from survey data about the forthcoming Democratic National Convention in Boston. The poll was conducted July 16 through July 18 and has margin of error of +/- 5 points. Press Release (HTM) - (PDF) Tables (PDF)

The Beacon Hill Institute is featured in Anna Quindlen's Newsweek  column.

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BHI survey: Convention is a bust for most area businesses

A Beacon Hill Institute survey of businesses reveals that only 11% are expecting an increase in business the week of the Democratic National Convention.  Seventy-five percent of businesses surveyed expect business activity to decrease or remain the same as last year.

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The Real Effects of the National Political Conventions on the Boston and New York Metropolitan Areas (Latest estimates)

Democratic National Convention (Boston)
Republican National Convention (New York City)
Net impact (BHI)

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Less than advertised: Republican National Convention to generate $184 million in economic activity for NYC, region.
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The Real Effects on the Boston Area of the 2004 Democratic National Convention Report in HTMl format
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BHI in the News
BHI pegs loss at $34m
from Boston Globe 5/22

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Economic Effects on the Boston Area of the 2004 Democratic National Convention Complete FaxSheet in PDF

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Democratic National Convention to generate $122 million in economic benefits for Boston

Analysis Democrats are coming! in PDF format
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