From the Boston Metro, "Hello There" September 8, 2003,

What is the Beacon Hill Institute?

The Beacon Hill Institute is a think tank located in the economics department of Suffolk University, which engages in economic analysis of public policy issues. Since 1991, BHI has been developing state-of-the-art economic models to show how tax changes affect a state's or a city's economy.

What are some of today's leading public policy issues?

Clearly the budget crises facing state governments are front and center. Some states have been eager to raise taxes and fees, but we find measures that restrain the growth and size of government are better solutions. The ability of states to attract and retain business is also a leading issue. The push for health care reform will continue to occupy the best minds in government.

Why did you give Gov. Mitt Romney a grade of B+ for his first budget when BHI released its "report card"?

Considering what he was up against, we think Governor Romney did a pretty good job in his first six months. Judging from our criteria, Governor Romney understands the principles of good fiscal policy– efficiency, tax neutrality, balance, and responsibility. However, we think that he could have done a better job at limiting the size of government.  There are a number of reasons to believe that Massachusetts voters want less state government and lower taxes.  Just look at last year’s vote that almost abolished the state income tax.

What role do students play at BHI?

BHI offers a hands-on learning opportunity for Suffolk University students.  We also offer internships to students who are interested in public policy from other colleges in Boston and from across the country. Students and interns conduct public opinion surveys, compile data and crunch numbers. One of the rewards of working at BHI is watching students develop and apply critically important work skills.