bhilogo4Index Overall Rank  
    Competitive Advantages / Disadvantages      
  SubIndex/Variable Index Rank Comments  
  Government and Fiscal Policy Subindex  
  State and Local Taxes per Capita, %    
  Worker's Compensation premium rates    
  Bond rating: S&P/Moody's composite    
  State Bond Rating      
  Average benefit per first payment for unemployed  
  Institutions and Security Subindex    
  Crime index change (%)      
  Violent crimes/100,000 inhabitants    
  Thefts/100,000 inhabitants      
  Murders/100,000 inhabitants      
  Infrastructure Subindex      
   High-Speed Lines/1000       
  Travel time to work      
  Median Monthly Housing Costs      
  Air passengers per capita      
  Electricity prices      
  Human Resources Subindex      
  Population without health insurance, %    
  Population that graduated high school, 25 years+, %  
  Unemployment rate        
  Students enrolled in degree-granting institutions, %  
  Adults in the labor force, %      
  Infant mortality rate (Deaths/1000 births)    
  Non-federal physicians/100,000 inhabitants    
  Technology Subindex      
  Academic R&D/$1,000       
  NIH support to institutions per capita    
  New patents issued/100,000 inhabitants    
  S&E graduate students/100,000 inhabitants    
  Scientists and engineers, % of labor force    
  Business Incubation        
  Bank deposits per capita      
  Venture capital investment per capita    
  Employer firm births/100,000 inhabitants    
  Entrepreneurial Activity index      
  Forbes Cost of Doing Business index     
  Labor force represented by unions, %    
  New publicly traded companies (IPO by metro)  
  Openness Subindex        
  Exports per capita      
  Population born abroad, %      
  Environmental Policy Subindex    
  Toxic release, pounds/sq. mile      
  Pollution Standards Index      
  High Ozone Days, Avg.      

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