Steve Forbes, Honorary Chairman - Iowans for Discounted Taxes Praises BHI's work on Iowans for Discounted Taxes web site!

Welcome! On this site, you'll learn more about an exciting idea that would be a boon for Iowa and America. I met a lot of lowans and learned about your tax system when I ran for President in 1996 and 2000. Iowa now has such an extraordinary opportunity to enrich its citizens, solve its deficit problem, grow its economy and set an irresistible example for national tax reform. This is why I have agreed to serve as Honorary Chairman of lowans for Discounted Taxes!

Instead of taking the destructive road of higher taxes to address the government's deficits, IDT! is urging you to demand an exciting reform that has been proven to put more money in your pockets; cause your property values to rise farther, faster, thereby building real wealth for yourself; solve Iowa's budget deficit and grow our economy.

Will It work? Yes, based on previous experiences in other economies such as Hong Kong, Russia and other states around the world. So Iowa's opportunity is extraordinary. And to take every precaution, IDT! has engaged The Beacon Hill Institute in Boston, the largest and most experienced non-partisan organization in the country for modeling these kinds of tax reforms. Beacon Hill's research will show what the optimal rate should be.

Iowa should seize this opportunity. lowans need not rewrite their current tax code, but simply pass an optional, discounted rate that makes the old laws virtually obsolete. Your first reward from Discounted Tax Reform will be in not having to pay anyone to prepare your state income taxes anymore.

Nationally, this kind of tax reform would also make America stronger. The world needs a very strong America, right now, for everyone's safety. And this is why Iowa's tax policy is so important - it will set the stage for the greatest and most important tax reform in history. The sooner Iowa acts, the better for Iowa -and the nation.

So I invite you to learn more about our proposal and the benefits it offers. Everyone reading this message should get involved by volunteering and making a contribution. But the most important fact for everyone to grasp is that the lower the tax rates, the more the government's revenues will rise. It's all about incentives.

They are the key and that has been proven time and again.

Thanks for visiting our website and be sure to watch "Kersten's Scorecard & Mosley's Memos" to keep updated on our progress with your legislators.

Steve Forbes
Honorary Chairman lowans for Discounted Taxes!