October 10,2001

David G. Tuerck, Ph.D.
Executive Director
Beacon Hill Institute
Suffolk University
8 Ashburton Place
Boston, MA 02108-2270

Dear David:

This letter is to update you on the effect our report "Tax Reform for the New Millennium" is having on the debate here in Ohio.

The report led to positive editorials and op-eds in the Cincinnati Enquirer, Willoughby News Herald, and various business journals, and to radio and television news stories in Columbus. The study was excerpted in the Ohio Chamber of Commerce's magazine Ohio Matters.

More importantly, the report has been used by several legislators, including Senator Jim Jordan who has introduced a proposal for a 10% across the board income tax cut.

You provided an invaluable service through your STAMP model by reliably estimating revenue loss and job creation for each of our income tax cut proposals. Now, when discussions of income tax cuts are held at the Statehouse, legislators refer to our report to examine the likely impact of various proposals on the state budget and job creation.

Thank you for your assistance in preparing and releasing "Tax Reform for Ohio's New Millennium." As always, please contact me if you need anything from me and please feel free to list me as a reference for the benefits that your STAMP model can provide to important state-based tax research.



David J. Owsiany, J.D.
Buckeye Institute



 *Please note that is a fascimile of the original correspondence endorsing BHI's work. It has been formatted for the web. Original copies of correspondence are available upon request.