Project Labor Agreements

BHI testifies before Congress on Project Labor Agreement June 2011

Another Bellwether from Massachusetts: State opposition to Project Labor agreements sends a clear signal to Administration and its union allies
RIPON FORUM (Spring 2010)

BHI-SUPRC Survey Questions on Labor Issues March 2010

Why Project Labor Agreements Are Not in the Public Interest
CATO JOURNAL (Winter 2010)

Project Labor Agreements on Federal Construction Projects: A Costly Solution in Search of a Problem (September 2009)

Washington Nationals Stadium PLA (September 2006)

Project Labor Agreements and Public Construction Costs in New York (May 2006)

Project Labor Agreements increase costs to Connecticut cities and towns, new BHI study finds (November 2004)

Project Labor Agreements increase costs for new school construction, new BHI study finds (September 2003)



Prevailing Wages: BHI study takes aim at federal prevailing wage law; Inflated wage measures cost taxpayers $8.6 billion annually
Press Release Full Report



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