BHI on Police Details

Scrap the police details
Boston Globe 6/20/08

Officials punt on police details
Political will once again fades; Unions resist shift to flagmen
Boston Globe 5/25/08

Police, union leaders sharply counter calls to curb details
State House News Service 5/23/08

Tuerck: Civilian flaggers would still cost less than police details
Press release 5/20/2008

Testimony by David G. Tuerck
Testimony on Section 10 of Chapter 86 of the Acts of 2008
Public Hearing; Massachusetts Executive Office of Transportation & Public Works. May 20, 2008

Comments by David G. Tuerck at
Police Detail Meeting (May 2, 2008)
Section 10 of Chapter 86 of the Acts of 2008
Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works
State Transportation Building
Conference Room 1

State takes aim at police details
Boston Globe 3/28/08

Throwing a flag on paid details
David Tuerck Op-Ed
Boston Globe 11/09/07

BHI 2004 Study:
Police Details: Protection or Perk?